2013 AWR / Georgetown Conference: Symposium

An Acute Care Surgeon’s Perspective on Complex Abdominal Wall Repairs Using Bovine Acellular Dermal Matrix

Presented by:

Eric J. Mahoney, MD
Division of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
Boston Medical Center
Boston University School of Medicine

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1) Introduction

2) When is Biologic Mesh Appropriate?

3) Risks and Surgical Options

4) Importance of Perforator Preservation

5) Past Challenges & Rationale for a Switch to a Better Biologic Mesh (SurgiMend):

6) Case Example #1: Ventral Hernia in the Setting of an EC Fistula

7) Case Example #2: Large Defect with Heterotopic Ossification and Loss of Domain

8) Case Example #3: Open Abdomen after Trauma

9) Case Example #4: Large Defect after Removal of Infected Mesh

10) Clinical Images of SurgiMend Integration and Vascularization

11) Resilience of SurgiMend Despite Surgical Complications

12) Supportive Data Published on SurgiMend

13) Data: The BU Experience

14) Cost Savings with SurgiMend

15) Closing