SurgiMend Technology & How it Works

SurgiMend products are biologic medical devices that enable the repair of damaged or weak human tissues and allow for their reinforcement. Made of all-natural, bovine dermis with high levels of type III collagen, our products provide an ideal environment for the repair of the body’s soft tissues.

Pioneering work by Dr. Eugene Bell, performed in the labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), enabled SurgiMend’s scientists to uncover the key principles of tissue engineering. Our deep understanding of the workings of the human body’s repair mechanisms, including how the body reacts to natural or man-made materials when implanted or applied, has allowed us to develop ideal products for soft tissue repair and reconstruction.

Non-inflammatory for better support

Our products provide a non-denatured tissue scaffold which the body simply re-populates with its own cells and blood vessels as it proceeds to heal. Our devices consist of unaltered collagen; all of the source material’s cells and other constituents that can cause an inflammatory reaction have been removed. Specifically, our source material is selected to be highly rich in Type III collagen. Our products are without preservatives, denatured proteins, artificial chemical crosslinks, cells, lipids, carbohydrates and other constituents, all of which can cause a detrimental “foreign-body inflammatory response”, which can degrade the device.

inflammatory vs non-inflammatory

Upon implantation, a strong foreign-body inflammatory response is observed with acellular human cadaveric dermis.1 This inflammatory response has been shown to lead to degeneration of the matrix. Such a foreign-body inflammatory response is not found with SurgiMend.1,2

Importance of Source Material

Years of research evaluating human, porcine (pig) and bovine (cow) source materials, and ranking their benefits in all forms of soft tissue repair, led us to select bovine dermis as the ideal source material. Bovine dermis comes to us as a direct by-product of the food, dairy and leather industries. Integra selects its source materials to ensure tissues are in their healthiest stages of life (fetal and neonatal dermis), which provides for Type III collagen levels three to five times higher than competing products. The strength and resilience of bovine dermis makes it an ideal source material for our sophisticated biotech processes that prepare, clean and terminally sterilize our dermal matrix devices.

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